One Man, One Bike, One Fight 


South Carolina - District 7750, Region 8

              - Rotary Club of Aiken 
              - Rotary Club of South Aiken
              - Rotary Club of Aiken Sunrise
              - Rotary Club of North Augusta
              - Rotary Club of Twin Cities

North Carolina - District 7680

               - Rotary Club of Charlotte

Florida - Distric 6970

                                                                      - Rotary Club of Gainesville Sunrise
                                                         Missouri - Distric 6060

                                                                      - Rotary Club of St. Louis County

                                                         Missouri - Distric 6040

                                                                      - Rotary Club of Kansas City Plaza

Get your club's name added and
join your fellow Rotarians in the
2009 Global Hunger Awareness Campaign!




James Ellis - President & Co-Founder
Don Davis - Vice President & Co-Founder
Renie Baya - Agency Facilitator
Thomas Fowlkes - Research Coordinator

  $100+ Private Donors

Dwight D. Williams
Sarah Burnham
Christopher Gilson
Mark Shows
Tom Varner
Gordon Lansford

Want to help me stay on the road and continue spreading awareness?

Contact Us

Andrew Marinelli
188 Dominion Dr.
Aiken, SC 29803

phone: 803-443-9343

Lyn Kenney 
Rotary Club of Aiken

phone: 925-518-4444

Bob McClure
Rotary Club of Aiken Sunrise
phone: 803-979-2794

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