One Man, One Bike, One Fight 

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This service project came very close to falling apart before it even had a chance to begin. Thankfully, Rotary clubs of South Carolina and North Carolina supported me in this endeavor. With the rest of my meager "Readjustment Allowance" I was given by the Peace Corps, and the support from Rotary I was able to purchase all the necessary supplies for a cross-country bike tour with just enough money left over to travel down to Key West and start cycling. 
I'm starting this trip with a fraction of the money that the mathematics call for. Without further support it is probable that I will be unable to continue beyond a certain point let alone make it all the way to San Francisco. The longer I am on my bike, the more schools I can visit, the more students I can speak to, the more clubs I can address, and the more people I can reach through regional and local media.

Sponsor me and keep my campaign on the road.

Help me reach my goal of spreading awareness about global hunger to millions of Americans, from sea to shining sea.

One Man One Bike One Fight

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